The beauty and the purity of Lombok island’s nature particularly mt. Rinjani scenery enamour everyone to visit and hike. The interest to visit and hike were even doubled when the new airport, Lombok International Airport (LIA), officially operated in 2011 and it is gradually increasing every year of both domestic and international tourists. The more visitors, the more local trekking agencies emerge. Unfortunately, only few of them serve the best, not to mention the lack of environmental concern of many of the agencies. These backgrounds challenge us to establish a new yet unique Rinjani trekking service agency that deliver WOW Service to everyone particularly to our customers; a trekking agency that highly concern about environmental issues and local society development.

Our Vision

Becoming a valuable assets of Lombok peoples and Indonesia in general as the leading Rinjani-Geopark trekking service provider that earn international reputation in Tourism quality and services.

Our Mission

One step ahead to provide solution for environment and local societies’ progressive development as well as to provide reliable and excellent Rinjani trekking services by looking the future services innovation and bring it to the present time.

Our Philosophy

Rinjani Explore adopted an italian mafioso philosophy, “We Are the Mugger”. All of Rinjani Explore Team are being called “RinExploso” which means The Mugger of Rinjani Explore. RinExploso takes every single positive things of other big companies and/or agencies to be adopted, modified and implemented in Rinjani Explore. It is intended not only for RinExploso’s welfare but also for local society development and environmental security of Mt. Rinjani.

Rinjani Explore Values (REV)

Rinjani Explore Values is a mixture of believes and hopes which reflected by Our Team and inherited sustainably from one generation to other generation of Our Team. Our Values are the desired identity that contains several positive and fascinating things.

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Our Team

We have amazing team to offer you the wow

  • While finishing Bachelor’s degree, he had also been employed as Human Resources Apprentice in two leading “service-oriented” company in Jakarta, Indonesia. Once he finished his study, he decided to go back to his lovely hometown, Lombok, and contribute to the development of Lombok island and its human resources in particular, in order to meet government’s will to make Lombok as the prime tourism destination of Indonesia.
    Sela Sulyadi
  • He used to be a professional guide for years for both Lombok Tour and Rinjani Trekking. He is now transforming into one of the best Rinjani master and Lombok tour program. He’d been serving his best for years to both national and international tourists and trekkers. He definitely speaks English fluently, have excellent communication and interpersonal skill-set, and most importantly a brilliant knowledge about Mount Rinjani and other Lombok destinations.
    Tour & Trekking Operational Manager
  • Our guests definitely were, are, and will always be amused by our guides. All of our guides are certified and well-trained individuals. They are all local peoples of Lombok that we’ve empowered to WOW your trekking experience in our lovely mountain, Rinjani Geo-park. We would assure you they’re all fluent in English and definitely has fascinating knowledge about Mount Rinjani Geo-park.
    Brilliant Trekking Guides
  • Rinjani Explore have coordinated with all of the locals yet professional guides in almost all of the Lombok’s Tourism destination. We have set our standards that the guides we coordinated with should understand the destination completely well. Yet, some beautiful destinations have no English speaking guide, but there’s no need to worry because our English speaking staff will accompany you and becoming your translator.
    Lombok Tour Guides
  • Like our guides, our porters also always succeed to WOW our guests. They are indeed strong and invincible. They’re the locals who will bring all of the trekking stuffs such as tent, foods, drinks, mattress, sleeping bag, and other needed tools during the trekking program. No, they’re not just selling their strong body, they own an unquestionable skill as well. They are your mountain chef. They will cook and serve your foods and drinks with their best.
    Incredible Trekking Porters

What Our Customers Said!

  • We had a magnificent experience with Rinjani Explore. We arranged for a 4 days summit-lake-hot spring package and it was a WOW vacation ever. Amman, our brilliant guide, perfectly understood our concern and needs. Not to mention the porters, they are definitely incredible. Definitely will go back to Lombok and call Rinjani Explore to arrange our trip, again and again.
  • I’ve been WOWed by not only Lombok’s nature and culture, but also by the Tour Agency we trusted, Rinjani Explore. We arrange a 4 days and 3 nights program to Explore Lombok’s best destination. The destination offered which we visited is no mainstream, we definitely discover the undiscovered paradise of Lombok. Rinjani Explore is totally different compared to other Lombok Tour agencies. Anw, the beach scenery that looks like the “Superman World”, the Krypton World, keeps appearing in my head. Enjoying incredible scenery with WOW tour and travel agency, Rinjani Explore, was the best choice I’ve made for my family vacation.
    United Arab Emirate
  • What an astonishing experience. The Rinjani trek is unquestionable difficult for a beginner like me (I did not train well for the trekking program). But fortunately the agency’s best guide, Amman, surprisingly has sensitive sense to understand our needs during the trek. He’s been busy questioning this and that to make sure we are ok during the trek. Without a doubt, Rinjani Explore is highly recommended.
    Jean Esther


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The best season to hike is from April to December. Meanwhile, from January to March, it’s usually closed due to heavy rain. But actually, it is possible to hike the mountain all the year round with consideration of the climate forecast.
A: Porters we provide are in responsible to carry all logistic of the trek program only. But if you want to, you can pay USD 22/day for another extra porter to carry your luggage.
A: You can leave it in our base in Senaru and you will have it back when the trek ends.
A: For those who is not staying in Senaru or Sembalun on the night before the trek started, we will pick you up in the Hotel’s lobby at 05:00 am directly drive you to the starting point of your trek program (either Senaru or Sembalun). Note: you should’ve prepared your Personal Day Pack beforehand.
A: your program adjusted upon request. We will try our best to meet your needs.
A: We provides 3 litters each day, each person tills the end of the trekking program.
A: definitely YES. All of our mountain guide not only mastering the trekking route and knowledge about Mt. Rinjani, but most importantly they speak English fluently.
A: It is specifically adjusted upon the trekking package and the amount of person(s) who joined the trekking program.

Contact us

if you have any inquiries and/or request, please contact us through the following lanes

  • Jl. Pariwisata Senaru, Bayan, North Lombok – NTB, 83354 Indonesia
  • info@rinjaniexplore.com
  • rinjanixplore@gmail.com
  • Sms/WhatsApp: +62822 3794 4673 or +62877 6591 7368